Smart Washing Machines

Amazon India Price: Rs 50,750


6 Motion Direct Drive Technology

6 Motion Direct Drive provides six types of drum rotation for better performance. It cleans a variety of fabrics with fewer wrinkles and protects the clothes from damage.

Waterproof touch panel

A Fully water proof and touch panel with seamless & sleek design.

LG Steam - Allergen free Care

LG Steam helps remove house dust mites, pet and pollen allergen & sterilizes bacteria in clothes requiring extra care.

Smart ThinQ Wifi

Control and monitor your washing machine anytime, anywhere with just one App (Wi-Fi only).

Smart Diagnosis

Smart Diagnosis Technology that makes it possible to reduce service calls and also saves time & money. You can diagnose up to 85 errors on your washing machine.


TurboWash enables regular washing cycles to finish in 59 minutes with maintained performance. It also saves energy and water at the same time.