Smart Switches, Breakers & Dimmers

Smart Switches are also commonly used smart home gadgets which turn your otherwise dumb devices into smart devices. You can remotely turn on/off your existing dumb switch with Smart Switches . You can also set schedule on your smart switch to turn on/off connected devices automatically. Some smart switches offer capability to monitor energy consumption. Most of them you can control using voice assistants like Alexa (echo), Google Assistant (Google Home) etc as well. Unlike smart plugs, for smart switches needs electrical wiring to be done. There are many brands and products available now. We have listed few popular ones below. Before you plan to buy refer "things to check" section.

Things to check before buying Smart Switches

  1. Power, Current & Voltage rating

  2. Number of circuits (connections) supported - 1/2/3/4 Gang ?

  3. Technology & compatibility

    • WiFi, Zwave or Zigbee based, RF ?

    • Does it require hub or not ? Will it work independently ?

    • Does it work with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home ?

  4. Features supported - Energy monitoring, Scheduling etc

  5. Self powered or kinetic (battery free) or Battery needed ?

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