Smart Door Locks

With Smart Door Locks you can track who is opening the door even when you are away. You lock/unlock door remotely as well. Some of these can work with voice assistant and integrate with smart hubs. There are many brands and products available now. We have listed few popular ones below. Before you plan to buy refer "things to check" section.

Things to check before buying Smart Door Locks

  1. Access methods supported - Pin, Fingerprint scan, Retina scan, RF card, Bluetooth, normal key
  2. Retrofits existing locks or not ?
  3. Features supported - Remote lock/unlock thru App, Auto lock/unlock, notification, history etc
  4. Technology & compatibility
    • WiFi, Zwave or Bluetooth based ?
    • Does it work with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home ?
  5. Battery needed ?
  6. Voltage rating